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    Community Health

    In every program and initiative we back, we focus on the pressure points of community mental health, reaching as many people as possible by connecting with them where they learn, work, live and pray.


    Where You Live

    Our community-based programs reach underserved groups through their faith leaders, medical students in their local schools, and local mental health experts and organizations. Our impact is amplified when we partner with community leaders and support local mental health education initiatives, allowing us to be a national organization with a finger on the pulse of local community mental health.

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    • Awards for Advancing Minority Mental Health
    • Helping Hands Grants
    • Mental Health and Faith Partnership
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    Awards for Advancing Minority Mental Health

    Recognizing outstanding psychiatrists, health professionals, mental health programs and community organizations that have undertaken innovative, supportive efforts.


    Helping Hands Grants

    While mental illnesses can affect persons of any age, race, religion or income level, a heightened need exists for improved mental health education and assistance in under-served communities.


    Mental Health and Faith Partnership

    Fostering education, awareness and compassion so faith leaders can best support their congregations' mental health needs.


    Other Impact Areas

    At the APA Foundation, we focus on the nation's most pressing social mental health issues across our society.

    Schools Impact Area Image


    By providing resources to teachers, we can help connect millions of children affected by mental illness to care.

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    Workplace Impact Area Image


    We provide employers with what they need to effectively support the mental health of employees and families.

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    Justice Impact Area Image


    The U.S. correctional system is the nation's top provider of inpatient psychiatric care. We need to change that.

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