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NTA at School Member Certification

Train others to Notice.Talk.Act.™ at School


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Course Information

American Psychiatric Association Foundation's Notice.Talk.Act.™ at School initiative offers six-hour in-person or online Instructor Certification Training. We prepare your institution's future leaders to deliver high-quality mental health training, Notice.Talk.Act.™ at School, to middle and high schools across the United States. We offer a unique opportunity to mental health professionals to become certified in the curriculum, supporting the delivery to their local schools.

Our program builds on your skills and creates a local community of experts, who share approaches to delivering standardized program while tailoring the curriculum to meet each school's unique needs.

Certified instructors effectively facilitate in-person training and deliver appropriate and helpful feedback to school staff members. Our experts foster techniques on how to start conversations, how to talk about mental health, and how to close a conversation.

With the key messaging of the program, Notice.Talk.Act.™ at School can build school capacity to make timely and appropriate referrals.

Why Should I Attend?

With your insight and knowledge as leaders in mental health, we know that you can empower and protect the youth of our nation. Your time and expertise in becoming a Certified Instructor can make a difference by creating effective gatekeepers that will connect students with mental health concerns to proper treatment. Through hard work and collaboration with school communities, you can make an impact on many individuals and communities.

Program Takeaways

Notice.Talk.Act.™ at School is designed specifically for middle and high school staff. The staff includes teachers, coaches, front desk staff, administration, custodial staff, and other members of a school community. The key components of the program are Notice.Talk.Act.™:

  • NOTICE warning signs,
  • TALK to students about what they have noticed
  • Understand the referral process in the school and encourage staff to ACT to connect/refer student to supportive services

The Schools Classroom Training is currently completed in a 90- to 120-minute in-person session, which gives educational staff the opportunity to participate in real-time consultation and collaboration with experts in the mental health field. The newly envisioned Online Module will offer the benefit of flexibility to establish baseline mental health knowledge for educational staff prior to the in-person.

What You Will Be Able to Do?

  • Describe key components of the Notice.Talk.Act.™at School curriculum.
  • Identify and determine each school's needs to tailor materials to meet their unique situation and challenges.
  • Apply techniques to plan and execute successful planning calls and develop supportive relations with each school.
  • Develop facilitation and classroom management skills to manage and encourage participants of different backgrounds and learning styles.
  • Present and facilitate a training using materials and resources that comply with APAF's Facilitator Guide.
  • Evaluate program impact at different levels using provided evaluations of various methods.
  • Advocate for the further delivery of the Notice.Talk.Act.™ at School program within your community.

Bring the Training to Your Members

If you are interested in becoming certified, please fill out the application above or contact Program Manager, Tanya Thabjan at [email protected].