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    Mental Health in the Workplace

    We provide what employers need to effectively support the mental health of employees and families. We do so by creating high impact, actionable tools for employers that recognize that everyone has mental health and investing in it is good for business.

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    The Business Case

    The costs associated with untreated mental illness in the workplace—numbering in the billions of dollars—far outweigh the costs of providing treatment. When employees do receive effective treatment for mental illnesses, the result are seen in lower total medical costs, increased productivity, lower absenteeism and presenteeism, and decreased disability costs.

    Other Impact Areas

    At the APA Foundation, we focus on the nation's most pressing social mental health issues across our society.

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    By providing resources to teachers, we can help connect millions of children affected by mental illness to care.

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    The U.S. correctional system is the nation's top provider of inpatient psychiatric care. We need to change that.

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    In every program and initiative we back, we connect with people where they learn, work, live and worship.

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