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Notice.Talk.Act.™at School is Online


Notice.Talk.Act.™@ School is Online

The APA Foundation's professional development program is ready to help your middle and high school staff respond to the mental health needs of your students.

We are able to do this either fully online, or hopefully in-person when we are all back together.  

The focus of this Notice. Talk. Act.™ @ School professional development is to help educational staff Notice, Talk, and Act.  

  • Notice- Around 20% of the United States population will deal with mental health concerns either in adolescence, adulthood or a combination of both. There is a growing need to equip the general population with training to recognize early warning signs. A part of recognizing means noticing changes in behavior that may cause concerns and knowing when a situation calls for a professional.
  • Talk - After noticing the warning signs, it is important to begin a conversation that allows the individual to feel heard and offers a support system. Talking is a great starting point to show your friend, family member or colleague that you notice they might be going through something and are willing to listen. 
  • Act - The crucial next step is to connect them to appropriate support services and resources. Since this varies by location, it is important to understand what services are offered and accessible in your community. The general public can offer support, but certain situations require a mental health professional or support service specialist.  

The program includes an E-Learning Module, a Classroom Module, and helpful Assessments. Our online platform and virtual meeting tools allows us to deliver this program completely online. The online platform also hosts new resources developed regularly by our experts. 
The E-learning Module is a self-paced, interactive platform that establishes the baseline of knowledge and key mental health facts.  A guess and check feature tests your knowledge about mental health issues and prevalence in schools. The program focuses on identifying signs a student may be facing mental health issues, engaging them positively, and connecting them to care.
The Classroom Module is tailored to your School’s specific needs and is either delivered by a certified instructor or a trained member of your school staff. We are able to deliver this either in-person or online. The Module focuses on the importance of relationships with students, how to respond to a student in distress, and builds “Notice. Talk. Act.” skills to help your team members respond to key situations, like when someone is in danger, or is acting withdrawn.  Role playing activities and discussion challenges based on real scenarios will help your staff leave feeling empowered to help.
The program also includes Assessments to help evaluate adoption at your organization and the impact of the program. Assessments are given in pre-training and post-training surveys, as well as 3-, 6-, and 12-month short follow-up assessments. This data helps you identify areas for growth and ensure your team is well-trained.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]