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    Mental health care works.

    We've launched a new public awareness campaign. It's focused on encouraging those who are having mental health concerns to take the first step toward getting help.



    About the campaign.

    While many are struggling with their mental health, far too few are seeking treatment. Our goal is to inspire more people to step forward and ask for help — by showing them that mental health care works. We’ll do this by sharing testimonial-style stories inspired by real people who are seeing (and feeling) the benefits of mental health care.

    In 2023, we are piloting this campaign in the Denver, Raleigh-Durham, and Washington D.C.-Baltimore metropolitan areas. Through high-impact media messaging and strategic partnerships, we’ll send the message loud and clear that mental wellness is possible.

    Meet Lizzie. She’s 19 and wonders why she sometimes struggles to leave the house when her friends never seem to have that problem.


    More Samples from the Campaign

    A digital ad display in a metro station. On the ad, a man is holding up his fishing rod to show the hook has only caught seaweed. Text next to him reads I'm finding myself again. Next up, the fish. American Psychiatric Association Foundation logo.
    A billboard against the sky. On the billboard a young woman on a skateboard going off a jump. Text beside her reads Anxiety held me back. Now I'm rising above. American Psychiatric Association Foundation logo.
    A phone in someone's hands with Instagram app open. An ad in the users Instagram feed shows a mother holding her baby. Text beside them reads Caring for him started with caring for me. American Psychiatric Association Foundation logo.

    Stay informed. And involved.

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