The Justice System and Mental Health

With nearly 2 million people with serious mental illness arrested each year, the U.S. correctional system is the nation’s primary provider of inpatient psychiatric care. We need to change that.


Communities Coming Together

By providing police, judges and county officials with resources that can help them better understand, recognize and address mental illness, we are reducing the number of people with mental illness in jails and improving public health and safety.

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  • The Stepping Up Initiative
  • Judges and Psychiatrists Leadership Initiative
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The Stepping Up Initiative

The number of people with mental illness in U.S. jails has reached crisis levels. In counties across the nation there are more people with mental illnesses in jails than in psychiatric hospitals.

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Judges and Psychiatrists Leadership Initiative

As communities strive to meet the needs of individuals with behavioral health disorders, U.S. courts are faced with new challenges in balancing public safety and public health.

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Other Impact Areas

At the APA Foundation, we focus on the nation's most pressing social mental health issues across our society.


By providing resources to teachers, we can help connect millions of children affected by mental illness to care.

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We provide employers with what they need to effectively support the mental health of employees and families.

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In every program and initiative we back, we connect with people where they learn, work, live and worship.

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