Reviews from teachers and school administration of Notice.Talk.Act.™ at School's curriculum and training. 

“I recommend this program as it provided a concise platform of how to support students with every stakeholder in the building.”
“Notice. Talk. Act.™ at School empowers teachers to know what to do in a number of different scenarios. Having a toolbox with a variety of avenues and strategies is priceless.
“The program allows staff to have an easier way to notify counselors if they had a concern with a student.”
“Key benefits of the program: More conversations with stakeholders about mental health, ability to get more students who are struggling with mental health issues, and proactive approach rather than reactive approach with identifying signs of mental health issue.”
“I loved the real-world scenarios that your curriculum utilized during training. I also love the Notice. Talk. Act.™ magnet as a quick refresh of the steps to remember.”
“This program seemed to be a more collaborative effort throughout the staff in noticing, talking, and supporting some of our students with social/emotional needs.”
“School mental health team were able to convey clear expectations and directives for our staff when they see something with a student on how they are to respond.”
After the training, school staff have been more engaged not only to report to the mental health team when they have concerns but also come with background about what they have tried already.
“All staff were able to get the students the right resources they needed.”
“The curriculum allows some flexibility for the schools to adapt the program to meet their
“ If more schools are practicing these skills, that only improves communications and expectations from district to district.”
“Notice. Talk. Act.TM at School provided a concise platform of how to support students with every stakeholder in the building.”

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