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    NTA at School Additional Development Areas

    Peer – Junior and Senior Mental Health Presentation

    The Program Director has developed a 60-minute presentation geared toward Juniors and Seniors in high school that follows the Notice. Talk. Act.® key messaging. The Notice section goes over self-screening questions and how to develop a culture of caring amongst students. The Talk section focuses on how students can engage in meaningful conversations with friends and to be more aware of the language they are using. The Act section focuses on their journey in navigating access to Mental Health Resources and high lighting the resources they have available at their school. It was developed to be Co-Delivered with a fellow student who is currently engaging in support services for their Mental Health Concern. This program is a complement to the High School Delivery.

    Parent Component

    We continue to hear from Parents and Caregivers the need for an Early Identification Module at different development ages going from Early Childhood to Adulthood, as you are always a parent/caregiver no matter the age of your child. More information to come about this development area. If you are interested in getting involved with this development area please contact Program Director, Christopher Seeley at [email protected].