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    A New Year

    Jan 12 2023

    We wanted to do something different to start the new year. Instead of a typical episode, we're encouraging you to use this time to take care of yourself and recharge. We will be back next month with another great guest. See you then!

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    Transcript for Audio

    Christopher Chun-Seeley: Hello. Welcome to a special New Year's episode of Mentally Healthy Nation, a podcast of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation. I'm today's host, Christopher Chun-Seeley.

    Christopher Chun-Seeley: We know that as the days have gotten shorter and the sun seems to hide a little more, this impacts our experience of seasonal depression. Additionally, 2023 has arrived with new resolutions, goals, and commitments that, frankly, can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. We want to give you the gift of grace in these resolutions, goals, and commitments. So, if you need to take the time you would listen to this episode to de-stress, reach out to someone, or to start a what you need to. Give yourself grace as well as others as we enter another year of growth, hope, and new possibilities.

    Christopher Chun-Seeley: I want to challenge you to think about how you are going to make mental health a part of your daily habits. We are taking this month to recharge ourselves and come back to you next month with a new, Mentally Healthy Nation experience with the same exciting experts and crucial conversations. If you're not following the Foundation on our social media, please find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Thank you, as always, for joining us and now take some time for yourself in building a mentally healthy nation.