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Provider Education in HIV/AIDS

The American Psychiatric Association Foundation's Office of HIV Psychiatry (OHP) provides tailored training to thousands of clinicians on the particular needs and management of patients with HIV.

These HIV/AIDS needs management trainings include:

  • Self-paced webinars

  • In-person regional and national trainings each year at the American Psychiatric Association's IPS conference and Annual Meeting

  • Regularly updated practice briefs on related subtopics, i.e. tobacco cessation, transgender health

  • Resource links and educational materials focused on HIV/AIDS and mental health

The OHP also oversees a month-long psychiatric elective on HIV and mental health for medical students entering their 4th year that encourages them to choose psychiatry as their specialty. The elective begins as a three-day intensive, after which students are sent to sites across the country to build case studies on their patients. Seven students per year are selected, with 111 students completing the elective to date.

The elective is an effective education pipeline, allowing experts who are pioneers in the HIV psychiatry field to mentor and train the next generation of practitioners.

OHP's training content is under regular review by its Steering Committee, chaired by HIV experts that share interests in education and policy. In summer 2017, the OHP Steering Committee released their first textbook on HIV psychiatry with contributions from all members, available through Oxford University press here.

For more information, visit their page on psychiatry.org

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