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Eradicating the Epidemic: Opioid Education

Prescription opioid pain relivers are some of the most commonly abused medicines in North America; an estimated 11.5 million adults misused opioids in 2015. Drug overdose is also the leading cause of accidental death in the United States and the opioid crisis continues to afflict millions of families and plague communities.

By partnering with the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry and 20 leading national organizations on the Providers Clinical Support System (PCSS) programs, the American Psychiatric Association Foundation is able to address the opioid epidemic by educating clinicians. The American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry acts as the lead partner, of 2 total organizations, on the PCSS project, subcontracted by SAMHSA to administer these programs through APA Foundation.
In February 2018, the Providers’ Clinical Support System for Medication Assisted Treatment (PCSS-MAT) and Providers’ Clinical Support System for Opioid Therapies (PCSS-O) combined into the now joint PCSS program. This program is a national training and mentoring project developed in response to the epidemic of opioid misuse and overdose deaths. The goal of PCSS is to make effective, evidence-based medication-assisted treatment available to patients in a variety of settings, including primary care, psychiatric and pain management settings.
As a PCSS partner organization, APA Foundation contributes support through live and archived webinars and the PCSS-MAT clinical mentoring program. Over a three-year period, the webinars have attracted over 15,000 participants. Each session is recorded and accessible without charge on APA's Learning Center. Through PCSS, APA and APA Foundation also offer buprenorphine training twice a year during the Annual Meeting and at IPS.
For more information on these programs, please visit the Addiction Psychiatry page from the American Psychiatric Association.

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