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The American Psychiatric Association's Library began in 1949 when our first medical director, Dr. Daniel Blain, asked members to submit autographed copies of their books to share knowledge with fellow members. Donations of significant objects continued and helped grow the library to what it is today: an important collection of around 1,700 rare books, 200 artifacts, and 550 photographs and oral histories documenting the history of psychiatry and the APA.

As our organization approaches its 175th anniversary as the oldest medical association in the country, we are proud that sharing knowledge between leaders in the field is as vital today as it was in 1844.

Long held in storage, the Melvin Sabshin, M.D. Library & Archives recently found a beautiful, permanent home, complete with the Logan and Daniel Blain Reading Lounge and the Marion Kenworthy Learning Center, in the APA’s new headquarters in Washington, D.C. Expertly designed, the library provides an environmentally‑controlled space to maintain the collection for future generations and a long‑awaited opportunity to share it with APA members and the world.

The Melvin Sabshin, M.D. Library & Archives became a significant repository of information for all of us through the past generosity of individuals who were dedicated to the field of psychiatry and the preservation of history. Now we invite you, our members of today, to join us in maintaining this collection for the future by participating in an exciting new adopt‑a‑ book program

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Visit the Melvin Sabshin, M.D. Library & Archives at the APA's new Washington, D.C. headquarters
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